New System Setup

Leary of setting up a computer? Even if you didn't buy your system from me, I can provide the following new computer services:

Set up your new system
Connect your printer and/or peripherals
Establish your Internet and/or network connection
Install your applications
Transfer files and settings from your old computer
Provide basic orientation

On-Site Repair

To meet the needs of your computing environment, I can perform a wide variety of troubleshooting and repair services as part of an on-site solution including:

Software installation
Printer/peripheral installation
Networking Services
Memory upgrade
CD/DVD-RW/BluRay installation
Sound/video card installation
System tune-up
Most repairs

*$75 per hour basic labor charge applies to most work performed at your location. However, server-side tech work is billed at $100 per hour.

Service is provided within a 25-mile radius from my South Knox County location. A $40.00 trip charge will apply to trips ranging from 26 to 50 miles. GASlight does not provide service outside a 50-mile radius.

Drop-Off Services

Bring your problems to GASlight. I provide a free evaluation and estimate for work performed at my service counter; and services performed here are far less costly than those performed at your location. I perform upgrades and repairs on all major brand desktop and laptop computers.

*$50 per hour basic labor charge applies to all work performed at my location. Pickup and delivery available at additional cost.

$100 System Build

Order your dream system components from, or your choice of other vendors, drop them off at my location, and I'll assemble your parts and install your operating system for only $100. Not sure what you need to order? I can coach you, or provide sample order templates to make sure you choose quality parts for maximum compatibility. Contact Greg for details.

$75 Hard Drive and/or Operating System Installation

I'll install and format your hard drive, then ghost, install, or re-install your operating system for just $75. Valid license, key code, or OEM restore disks and drivers must be provided by customer. Driver search or installation of other apps is billed at $50 per hour in addition to the base charge. Available as drop-off service only. Pickup and delivery available at additional cost.

Home Theater Integration

I can design and implement a total home theater or workplace presentation solution specific to your needs, using a PC as the heart and brain of your audio-visual system. With all the video streaming sites available now, Its an awesome way to add on-demand high definition programming to your HDTV monitor. New case designs look like, and fit right in with high-end audio equipment, and Windows Media Centerâ„¢ makes operating your entertainment center as easy as point and click. Contact Greg at GASlight for more information and an evaluation of your entertainment or presentation needs.

Let GASlight help you establish a presence on the web

I can design and customize a web site to fit your needs. From a simple picture sharing site to an elaborate e-commerce site, GASlight can come up with a look that's right for you. I recommend registering your domain name and having your site hosted on They give you the most bang for the buck. I can set the whole thing up for you, and even maintain the account if you want. Contact me with your ideas, and I'll make HTML out of 'em!

*All labor inherent to the creation, installation, or repair of computers, as well as parts and software, are subject to sales tax in Tennessee. GASlight collects the Knox County rate of 9.25% on all transactions.

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